America’s natural gas and oil industry keeps our country going. We power cars, homes, sports arenas and space shuttles. We make everything from clothes to smartphones to heart valves. We support jobs for millions of Americans, from blue-collar workers to world-class engineers.

The challenge before us is clear: How can we meet everyone’s energy needs, protect the environment, and create new jobs? But Americans have never been afraid of a challenge—even those that seem impossible at first. In fact, we’re already working on it.

Our innovations in cleaner fuels, emissions-control technologies and investments in renewable energy have helped further America’s environmental progress. Criteria air pollutants have fallen dramatically over the past four decades and CO2 emissions from electricity generation are near 25-year lows. All while Americans have saved an average $1,337 on their energy bills, thanks to the renaissance in U.S. natural gas and oil production and refining. We’re fueling the economy while getting more efficient every day, because it’s on us to realize America’s untapped potential.

We are America’s natural gas and oil industry. We Power Past Impossible.