At an industry level, API has been working to build long-term relationships through education and engagement with key partners. The Oil & Natural Gas Industry Labor Management Committee was created by members of industry and the trade union movement to promote innovation, exploration, job retention and economic growth. IHS projects nearly 1.9 job million opportunities through 2035. Fifty-seven percent of these opportunities are projected to be in blue collar professions, mostly in skilled and semi-skilled occupations. This includes positions such as carpenters, cement masons, electricians, roustabouts, welders, and truck drivers.

The Building Trades coordinate the activity of 14 AFL-CIO building and construction trade unions, and jointly operate approximately 1,500 training centers across North America. This training system is equivalent to the third-largest public university system in the nation. The training centers are funded with over $1 billion per year in private contributions from the trades’ members and contractors. Rex Tillerson (former XOM President & CEO) referred to the trades' extensive network of facilities as “a national training infrastructure that can help meet short, medium, and long term workforce needs.”

Already a large number of these training centers operate in areas of the country where there is significant oil and gas activity and projected job opportunities. Utilizing these training centers to help train the future oil and gas workforce will help create a more effective and efficient pathway for students to become well-trained and prepared workers.

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